Goodbye Haiku Heights

Once during my hiatus from blogging, I’ve tried to rekindle the old spark by visiting one of my favorite sites for inspiration, Haiku Heights. I have made some haiku using a prompt for each week from that blog. It has really helped me squeeze the juices of creativity from my lazy mind. Afterwards, I was able to publish my poetry on that site along with many gifted poets. I discovered most of the blogs I follow now through Haiku Heights. That’s why I was shocked and saddened when instead of the usual inspiration, I was greeted by a goodbye when I checked it out a month ago. You may read that farewell post here.

As a sort of tribute, I will be publishing some of the work I created from the site’s prompts in the next few posts. If you are also interested in writing haiku, you may also check out Carpe Diem, which is hosted by a friend of Haiku Heights.

Chasing Rainbows
Butterfly colors
Fluttering their way above
How do I catch one?


Laundry Day
Dripping clothes bow down
To the flag across the sky
Both hope and despair

Inspired by Haiku Heights – Rainbow.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Haiku Heights.


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