Visiting Day

Tap, tap, tap
The sound of his
Cane reverberates
Along the tiled

“Almost there,” I tell him
Awkwardly placing
My hands
On his shoulders
Like weak butterflies

Tap, tap, tap
I slow my pace
To match
His slow
But urgent gait

Still, I backtrack
Almost walking past
Double doors
“We’re here,” I say
And enter

There she lay
His love of sixty-so years
Still the fragile girl
Quiet and sleeping
In a dreamless haze

“Hi, grandma,” I say
Touching her hand
She opens her eyes
An unnerving gaze
He goes near

Tap, tap, tap
She smiles
I smile at them
Blinking back tears
Out the corridor

Inspired by my grandparents love for each other throughout the years.
My contribution to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years.

8 thoughts on “Visiting Day

  1. Hi Christine,
    That is really beautiful…Your grandparents and your words! My parents were married for 58 years and my grandparents for 60 years, and I could very much relate to what you wrote. Thanks for following my blog!

    1. Aww. Thank you for the visit and kind words. I think your poetry is lovely so I followed your blog. I need to be exposed to poets like you so I could be inspired in making a few of my own. 🙂

      1. I appreciate the feedback and support, Christine. For what you shared, I would then point you to the PoeTry section under My Topics in the sidebar (you tap open any title to open up the side). Thanks again. Hope to talk s’more.



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