Makeup Show and Tell: My BH Cosmetics Haul

I am not usually one to buy makeup on a whim especially if they’re quite pricey. I consider myself a “prudent makeup junkie”, if there was such.

My first ever online makeup purchase was last month and all of it was pre-ordered. That being said, I pored over many reviews before I decided which ones I needed and must have. I also stalked the Instagram accounts of many online sellers before I settled on a trustworthy one who offered the best prices. But that’s another story to be reserved when my other haul comes in this week.

Today will be a show and tell of my BH Cosmetics haul. To be honest, I have never heard about this brand until I saw it on the Instagram account of one of the many online sellers I compulsively follow.

I immediately fell in love with That’s Heart Palette and decided that I wanted it and needed it. It was already quite expensive for me because I’m “kuripot” and I already ordered many items online for the past weeks. But what the heck since after a few hours, I sent the order form for it.

The seller promptly gave me the invoice, albeit the wrong one because it had a different name and included the Pop Art Brush set which I didn’t order. She rectified the situation immediately but it got me into thinking about the Brush Set too.

I was already planning on buying brushes anyway. I thought to myself, “What good will these makeup do if I don’t have the right tools for them?”

I fell in love with the beautiful colors of the brush handles on the pictures. It also helped that the seller offered to reduce the shipping fee. (They offered free shipping fees for the Pop Art Brushes but I live in Visayas so it’s more expensive and it wouldn’t fit in a small pouch with my That’s Heart Palette.)

I still thought the price was reasonable because I found out that BH cosmetics recently gave discounts for these limited edition items and the online sellers must also have ordered them during that time. I’m not sure if they’re still on sale right now but I wanted to buy them before they get harder to find and become more expensive.

I finally gave in after some hours of meditation and budget checks. I was feeling quite melancholic that day and my purchase really perked me up. Just thinking about them made me happy.

I received them this Monday and saw how pretty they were. I was really ecstatic.

I know that we shouldn’t base our happiness alone on material things. But imagining the possibilities and what I could do with them still made me feel giddy inside. And well, YOTO (You’re Only Twenty-something Once). Haha.

I already have separate reviews in mind for each and had taken some pictures of swatches during that night. So I hope you stay tuned for that.

I’ll end this with pictures of my lovely haul. Thank you for bearing with this almost-rambling post and I hope you’ll visit my blog for the reviews which will hopefully be posted during the weekend.

Tinfinity and Beyond-7

Pikachu not included. Haha


And oh by the way, I bought these at @thevanityzone on Instagram.



5 thoughts on “Makeup Show and Tell: My BH Cosmetics Haul

    1. Hi Min! I use my Human Nature Clarifying shampoo with a drop of their Sunflower oil. But I think baby shampoo can also be used. Then I dry them with the brushes down to prevent the water from going up to the glue that holds the hairs together. Michelle Phan’s blog gives a DIY about it. 🙂

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