Review: BH Cosmetics Pop Art Brush Set

Hi! You’ve probably read from my recent post that I had my BH Cosmetics haul last week. I hope you got how and why that came to be. If not, you may read it here.

This review will feature their Pop Art Brush Set as promised. I will be doing a separate review on That’s Heart Palette on the next post.

Let’s get started, shall we? (Warning: Picture-heavy post.)

BH brushes
Source: BH Cosmetics site

Source: BH Cosmetics site
Source: BH Cosmetics site

Product Description:
“Cute and convenient, this 10 pcs Pop Art Brush Set comes in a durable striped container with snap closer for easy travel. Convertible into a brush caddy that looks great on your bathroom counter or dressing table, this set is packed full of super soft complexion and eye brushes with neon colored handles that pop!”

Packaging/Overall Appearance: 
It really does give justice to the word “pop art.” Each brush comes in a different bright and fun color that really pops. I’ve had them for almost a week now but I still can’t help but feel happy whenever I use them or just look at them on my vanity table.

I also love the cylinder case made of faux leather. I think the black and silvery gray stripes complement well with the color of the brushes. I can’t believe that I used to dream of owning a brush set that comes with a cylinder case and now I have one! Hooray for that! Haha.

By the way, these brushes are travel-sized so they’re  smaller than your average-sized brush (duh) but this is actually quite a boon for me because I have small hands.

The next picture shows me holding my powder brush and you can see that it just fits perfectly with my almost baby hands. Haha. Also, I can just put them in the cylinder case and bring them with me whenever I’m travelling.

I have freakishly small hands. Haha.

What bothered me though was they smelled like “factory glue”. Upon closer inspection, I saw that parts of the cylinder case were glued together so I just assumed that the brushes just absorbed the scent.

So what did I do? I washed the brushes first with my Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo and just added a drop of the HN Sunflower Oil. (I think I’ll be doing a review for those next time and also a tutorial on how to clean brushes.)

After cleaning them, the weird smell was gone and I decided to just air out my cylinder case. When I put the brushes back in the case, they didn’t smell as much as before. I’ll be airing it out again until the smell completely disappears.

Quality vs. Price
I got this brush set for 1200 pesos (or about 26.5 USD) from an online store here in the Philippines. It currently retails for 24.95 USD in the BH cosmetics website but I think they gave massive discounts for these before.

I’ve never owned high end brushes so I can’t really compare these to the more expensive ones. However, I was amazed at how truly soft and fluffy they were. I’m not afraid to put them in my face because they’re really soft. They don’t scratch my skin even if I noticed that there were a few uneven bristles here and there.

I am addicted to the soft, almost plush quality.

As for shedding, I counted two hairs that fell out when I touched the powder brush. (Yes, I counted.) I think those were random though because I didn’t notice further fallout when I washed them and used them on my face.

These are synthetic brushes but they’re really fine. I own a powder brush made of goat hair and these BH cosmetics ones are definitely softer on the skin. (Yes, I could not get over how soft they are!)  I’ll definitely ditch that goat hair brush. I also vow to just buy vegan brushes in the future.

I think that 10 brushes for this price is worth it especially considering that they’re very soft and of good quality.

I am still learning how to do makeup so I think a 10-piece set is enough for me. I balk at those 24-piece sets because I don’t know how to use every brush and I doubt if I’d be able to use them anyway. I actually started out with 5-piece travel brush sets from a local brand when I was in college but I think I already deserve to graduate from that too. Haha. Anyway, I don’t think you need that many kinds if you just have the right brushes and skills. But that’s just me. (Maybe in the future and if I have cash to burn, I’ll buy those staggering sets. Before that though, I’ll definitely buy Real Techniques. Haha.)

I’ll discuss the complexion brushes first.

L to R: Powder Brush (Pink), Angled Powder/Blush Brush (Magenta), Foundation Brush (Coral), Flat Complexion Brush (Grass Green), and Complexion Blending Brush (Yellow).

I use the Powder brush to apply my powder foundation. It packs the powder well and blends it on my face evenly. It’s so fluffly! I also use it to apply my blush. For contouring, I use the Angled Powder brush because it fits well into the hollows of my cheeks. It can also be used for blush for more precise application. The Foundation brush is, well, for applying liquid foundation. I tried using it for my BB cream because I don’t use liquid foundation. It takes some getting used to because I just normally use my fingers but the brush really blends it well. This brush has a smaller version, the Flat Complexion brush. I found out that it’s handy when putting on concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and other areas not reached by the Foundation brush. I use it with the Complexion Blending brush to blend out those regions and to set them with powder.

I just wish there was a flat-topped complexion brush for buffing and maybe a fan-shaped brush but it’s okay. I can just buy them individually anyway. I still think I got what I needed for my foundation and powder brushes from this set.

Now to the eye brushes and some miscellaneous ones.

L to R: Tapered Eyeshadow Blending Brush (Blue), Fluffy Angled Eyeshadow Brush (Teal), Angled Liner/Brow Brush (Yellow-green), Lip Brush (Orange), Spooley Brush (Purple).

The first thing I noticed was that the flat eyeshadow brush was missing. It’s a staple brush because it’s used for packing in the eyeshadows onto the eyelids. It was not included in this set. Hmm. Good thing I have one from my local brushes so that I’ll have something to use and maybe I’ll just buy another individual brush.

I was thankful that they did not include those sponge-applicator brushes! Haha. Seriously, who uses those? I don’t. And I likely never will. I would have been annoyed had it been included especially without the flat eyeshadow brush.

Anyway, I found the Tapered Eyeshadow Blending brush to be quite useful in blending out my shadows to remove harsh lines and to make them more homogenous. It’s not really tapered, more like domed-shape but I like it. I also like the Fluffy Angled Eyeshadow brush. I use it on my crease and my outer corners. The Angled Liner/Brow Brush is just stiff enough (but not overly so). It can be used to apply brow powder or eye liner but it’s perfect for lining eyeshadow under my eye. For my brows, I still prefer my Fanny Serrano Angled Brush because it’s smaller.

I haven’t tried the Lip brush because I don’t have much use for it yet. But I think it will be very valuable when I’m applying red lipsticks for more precise application or when I’m blending different colors of lipsticks.

I was happy that it included a Spooley brush because I needed one. I have sparse brows so I have to use brow powder. I use the spooley brush to comb my eyebrows before I apply my powder and afterwards to blend it out. I’ve also found out that I can use it to brush out my other brushes. Haha.

In Summary


  • Unique but trendy colors
  • Comes with cylinder case
  • Reasonably priced
  • Travel-sized
  • Soft and fluffy bristles, not scratchy
  • Does not shed
  • Functions well
  • Easy to use (Great for beginners.)
  • Has almost everything I need
  • No sponge-applicator  (A pro in my book.)


  • Factory glue smell
  • Lacks flat eyeshadow brush

Best uses: Everyday, travel

I’m really happy that I waited before I found this brush set. I am proud to own it and show it off . I love the almost-quirky design and I think it reflects who I am. I was supposed to add “Not sold locally” to the cons because those who want to buy them have to go to online shops. But I’m also glad because I am one of the few who own it here.

I would definitely recommend this though to anyone who is just starting out but it’s still a great addition to any collection because of the unique design. It is also soft and functional at the same time.

I have no regrets and these are definitely worth it even though I did not plan on buying them.

Where to buy:
You may buy this from the BH cosmetics site. I bought this at @thevanityzone on Instagram, an online shop based in the Philippines. They reposted my photo of it from my Insta account and I saw that many wanted to buy it too. I think this was sold out but if you’re willing to wait, I read that they’ll restock next month.

So that’s it you guys! I hope you got something from my review. This was my first time to do so and it was quite fun! I’ve finally applied my science-based research skills and knack for writing to make a beauty review. Haha.

I’ll be doing my review for That’s Heart Palette next. I promise to post that within this weekend. Another haul of skin care and cosmetics just arrived yesterday and I’m so excited to share them with you too! I’ll be quite busy next week for work but I think I can spare some time next weekend. Haha. Blogging has really made me so happy! Thank you for reading! 🙂


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