My heart in hope
For He knows
I am here and no,
I shall not fear.

I live in hope
Fragile soul dares
In winds I dance, to
Rains I blossom

I hope even
As I die inside
Slow, steady death, the
Dreamer trapped in abysmal
Days, bottomless abyss

Still I hope
Sometimes secretly
As light feeds
Into gloom and
Faith strengthens
Love’s promise.

A poem written in golden shovel form. You’d be able to read Sri Chinmoy’s poem on hope by reading the last word from every line of this poem. Cool eh? This is for NaPoWriMo Day 5.

Sorry for the late post. It was my first time to write this form but I love challenges! I really had fun with this.


10 thoughts on “Hope

      1. I promise you it’s not idle flattery–I’m a picky reader, and this is 5-Star. Would it be okay for me to print it for my personal file only? If not, that’s fine.

      2. Ohh, bless your dear heart. I love NaPoWriMo month–there’s always the chance to meet lots of great poets, and some even become blog friends–feels like Christmas! And my cousin, who just turned 75, is not a computer person–so when I’m permitted, I like to send her other poet’s work, not just mine. She will love your “Hope”.

      3. It’s actually my first time to join NaPoWriMo and so far, I’m happy to have met new friends and great poets. I hope your cousin enjoys it!

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