A lune for sleep

Longing for pillows
Clean new sheets, unmade bed
Sleep like death

A late lune for NaPoWriMo.

A lune is a sort of English-language variation on the haiku. There are a couple of variants on the lune form but I adapted the version of Jack Collum. His version of the lune involves a three-line stanza. The first line has three words. The second line has five, and the third line has three.

One can write a poem that consists of just one stanza, or link many lune-stanzas together into a unified poem. But I chose to write only a single lune.

I always feel sleepy nowadays. Now where’s that charm against sleepiness, when you need one?


7 thoughts on “A lune for sleep

  1. I know this feeling way too well! A lovely lune. I found it surprisingly hard to keep to this form but it was less scary than witing a haiku (I’ve not tried that yet).

  2. My fellow pupils believe that Red Bull is their charm against sleepiness, but I can’t recommend it. I didn’t know what a Lune was till now. I’ll sing a lullaby tonight, maybe it helps.

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting and browsing through my poetry. It’s nice to meet you too! And thanks for the compliment! Haha. One of the few highlights of this sleepy day.

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