A clerihew dedicated to the Batch

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch
Ahhh, now there’s a man to watch.
Now hurry, sound the golden trumpet!
For my “thinking woman’s crumpet”.

I know this has been coming for a long time though I’ve made no mention of the Batch since I started this blog. In hindsight, I did make a few choice comments on some blogs that featured him. (Which I don’t recommend visiting if you’re already quite bonkers with him. Stalkers, do not go to Vic Briggs’s blog. You have been warned. )

I’m not so sure if this is NaPoWriMo quality especially since today’s prompt was about writing an ode to my favorite inanimate object. (Hmm. I’m thinking coffee this morning.) But I knew that I just needed to write a clerihew with him as the subject when I saw the prompt at Paint the World with Words.

He is my “thinking woman’s crumpet” which Cambridge dictionary defines as “a way of describing a man or a woman who is popular with the opposite sex because they are intelligent as well as being physically attractive”.

Hmmm. I thought he was pretty weird-looking when I first saw him on Sherlock. But he’s the kind that grows on you. (I’m not surprised. This has been used to describe me as well.)

If you don’t know him (?!) or if you’re still bewildered about all the hype surrounding Ben Batch, EsquireUK.com gives a pretty accurate summary of the reasons why legions of female fans adore him. To further stoke your interest,  this gem  from Buzzfeed is replete with .gifs of the Batch. You’re welcome.

And no, I am not “fangirling.” This has all been for the sake of poetic interest.

Meh. Who am I kidding? (Photo credits: http://benedict--cumberbatch.tumblr.com/)
Meh. Who am I kidding?
(Photo credits: http://benedict–cumberbatch.tumblr.com/)

I apologize for the silliness. I needed a pick-me-up this morning and blogging, albeit fluff posts, can really make a difference. Writing about Ben just made me smile today. Does that answer your question Daily Prompt people?


11 thoughts on “A clerihew dedicated to the Batch

    1. Aww. Thank you. I know that some people are poetry/writing snobs and I still respect that. But I love the warm fuzzies I get when I read comments like yours. It’s such a blessing to be able to make people smile even through simple things. 🙂

    1. Thank you for introducing me to the clerihew. I enjoy challenges and trying out different forms of poetry. Plus, I had fun with this as it requires a bit of wit and silliness. It also helped that Ben Cumberbatch was the subject. 😀 I hope to participate in more of your prompts. 🙂

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