A Minimalist Rant on Facebook

I stay away from Facebook whenever possible. I don’t know how I’ve become a stranger to this platform that has enslaved so many. My news feed is replete with drama, gloating (both subtle and not so subtle), and bitterness. It’s both saddening and annoying. I swear every visit empties me.


(DP Challenge – Fifty)

33 thoughts on “A Minimalist Rant on Facebook

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  2. I have yet to join FB and I find myself struggling with that every day since starting my blog. A friend (aspiring writer) told me recently, that a book publisher’s first question to her was, “How many followers (or it friends?) do you have on Facebook?” That is why I struggle with it. Do I have to be on FB to get noticed? Published? Work? Is FB part of what it takes? I don’t want to be left in the dust because I did not join. I’m still researching its importance. Actually, I’m still hoping to find something that says it is not necessary. No luck, so far 😦

    1. That is indeed a valid struggle. I actually rejoined Facebook because of work. Though I was already happy without it. It is a reality that Fb is the biggest and therefore, most relevant social media out there if you want to get noticed. Even employers are checking out Fb pages especially for potential job candidates. I also did some readings on it.

      I hope you will get the answer eventually or at least be able to find a good compromise. A page specific only for your blog would be better than an actual account I think. I mainly promote some of my blog posts on Instagram and connect my feed to Twitter and Google +. I’m really queasy about Fb and I doubt if I’d ever use it for promotional stuff.

      Good luck and I hope this helped a little bit. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for the info. It is always welcome and useful! I want to go with my gut as I must be so hesitant for a reason; however, every one keeps telling to get on it! It is about finding the time too. This blog alone keeps me really busy! Thanks again. We’ll see how long this unicorn can keep her horn! 😉

  3. Ahhh, this sums it up so perfectly! I actually ended up leaving Facebook last year when I realized how emotionally drained I was after each visit. I figured, if I want to hear good news, those who I care about will simply give me a call – life has been much better now [:

    1. Congratulations on leaving Facebook. Not many can ignore that call. I’ve deactivated my account for many months but I had to go back because of work. Now, I just use the messenger app. I don’t open my account though I wish I could be like you and just leave it. All that passive aggressiveness can really take its toll on you.

      It’s funny that you mentioned friendship because I think that’s also true. My actual friends don’t use Fb to check up on me and we have the same opinion about it too. Our friendship thrives without it. 🙂

    1. Wow. So I’m really not the only one who thinks so. It actually is a draining experience for me whenever I open it on my browser. I thought it was just me because my news feed is active with all kinds of stuff.

  4. It came to my mind as well that people don’t say anything on FB that is worth reading. And if somebody does it is normally liked or shared in haste without taking much time to think it over. I never was a big fan of FB, but now I see it as simply boring waste of time.

    1. I have to agree on that though I think it has its own merits depending on who uses it. In my case, I tend to shy away from Fb unless if it’s for work or family. I also think I’ve also lost the will to post anything there. Haha! Thought it was just me. Glad some people can relate. 🙂

    1. Well said Andy! I actually prefer to visit my WordPress app or the website nowadays. I think it’s more helpful to me. And I don’t promote my blog on Facebook. Still, we have to acknowledge the reality and role of social media to the human race. Though it’s sad how it has changed over the years, as you said.

      1. It really is, Social refers to people sharing thoughts and ideas. Inspiration and creating, nowadays it’s all about gossip this and that, yeah I’ve lost interest a lot too. :-/

      2. Oh i’m sure FB’s founder will find out soon enough, once he wonders why there’s only ad’s and tumblr like reshares and nobody really saying anything useful 😛

      3. Haha! I do hope so. Though I doubt if he can do anything about it since at the end of the day, it’s still up to the users on what to put out there.

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