My Love for Minimalist Poetry| The Monoku

Hi guys! If you noticed, I’m fond of writing short poems. Even my longer poetry mostly have short lines and stanzas. I’ve always loved haiku (though I need to write more of them for practice).

That is why I was so excited to learn about the monoku, which is the featured poetic form of the week from Paint the World With Words.

Monoku is a senryu/haiku with a slight enigmatic/ambiguous flavour, written in its earlier Japanese form as a one liner. A ceaesura (pause) may be appropriate, dictated by sense or speech rhythm,and usually very little punctuation. Seventeen syllables or less. They may also be in a sequence form.”

I made five individual monoku that best outline my normal day or week although the fourth one was about a dream I had last night.

Here they are:

Calling my lost phone – silent vibrations somewhere

Knock on door – a dog’s smiling face

Afternoon stroll with dogs – pedestrians switch lanes

Child-woman cries on stairs – the snooze button is hit

Crickets and cicadas sing – gentle taps on the keyboard

I think I’d definitely write more of this form in future posts. I especially want to try monoku sequences.

This is also for today’s NaPoWriMo but I missed one for yesterday! Am I allowed to write two poems tomorrow?

Hmm. I’m afraid to say that something’s come up and I doubt if I’d be able to post daily poems during the latter part of the month. I’ll tell you about it if it’s finally confirmed. For now, I’ll just do my best! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Love for Minimalist Poetry| The Monoku

  1. Christine, these are so well done! What I liked most is that each of the monoku gives out a long lasting imagery and says so much with mere a few words. I am pleased that you took time to write these many and thank you for your participation!

    Regards 🙂

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