I mentioned recently that I may not be able to finish NaPoWriMo with a fluorish. I was already sad that I missed a few and the letter I received today was the final nail in the coffin to my NaPoWriMo dreams.

But before we all get morbid and stuff, this story has a happy side because the reason why I’ll be so busy in the coming weeks is that I’ll be out of town. I was being sent for a training on pig husbandry. Simply put, I’ll learn more stuff and have hands-on experience on pig raising! That way, I would be better equipped to impart my knowledge to farmers here should I become a resource person myself.

This was my first time to attend something like this alone as a vet. I admit I’m a noob to this field or any field of veterinary medicine for that matter. But I’ll take this opportunity to learn everything I can and do my best.

So now I implore you beloved friends and readers, to give me a little bit of understanding during this time. I’ve been quite busy these couple of days, arranging my trip. Thankfully, I still found time to update this blog. However, I am not so sure if I could keep this up next week when my training starts.

I hope I can still add even mini-posts or poetry such as haiku or monoku so that you won’t forget my existence in the blogosphere. Please wish me luck! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Pseudo-goodbyes

  1. Good luck … but I am still missing you out here. At least let us know you’re still alive and haven’t been eaten or beaten by Miss Piggy. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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