This Week: Milestones

There’s this expression that is considered a cliche nowadays and it says, “My, how time flies by so fast”. It’s often being used because it’s true. Some few weeks ago, I was jumping for all that’s worth as part of our New Year’s tradition. Now, it’s February. And you all know what this means.

February is Love Month! But instead of spending my blessed singleness moping around or desperately looking for a date, I’ve decided to do something else. Oh, it’s all about love too but in a different kind of way.

This month, I’ve decided to devote myself with loving! I aim to love myself better, love my family and friends more, and start loving others through charity.

Well, guess what? This week, I’ve reached some important milestones that have helped me get closer to this month’s goals.

I could not believe it myself but I’m happy to share a recap of my week’s milestones with you.

On Loving Myself More

Taking care of myself…

Breaking news – I’ve started going to the gym this week. You’ve read that right guys, I work out at the gym now! Now for those of you who know me, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to exercising and quite enjoy a sedentary lifestyle. But this Wednesday, I’ve decided to change that.

Aside from the fact that my work entails a lot of sitting down, what urged me on was the realization that I’m at the best years of my life. I owe this to myself to feel healthy and fit. Not to mention – look better. Don’t we all?

Credits: Royal Fitness Center

I feel sore and aching all over but I’m happy. It will be a challenge for me to stay committed to this lifestyle and I hope to motivate myself especially on days when I want to give up.

Reorganizing my finances…

Aside from the physical aspect of my being, I’ve decided to reorganize my finances again. I’m an avid fan of online shopping (it’s addicting) so I wanted to track my expenses and budget my money. I also needed to allot my budget for my current investments and insurance. I’m quite proud of the fact that I’m more financially literate now.

This Friday, I’ve set up my Emergency Savings Account to be strictly saved up for rainy days. I need enough financial discipline to actually save a portion of my income to that account so that I would have some amount when the time comes.

It feels good knowing I’m taking care of my family’s future and mine as well.

Source: The Daily Cougar


On Loving My Friends and Family Better

I wanted to spend more time at home when I’m off work and gym. Now my mom and I are hanging out by juicing for a healthier diet. My dad loves them too.

As for my friends, I’ve already set up a few dates with them next week so I’m pretty excited about those. It’s been awhile since I had quality time with them.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Spending Dinagyang Festival 2016 with the Titas of Iloilo.

I’m also planning to join  this organization for yuppies like me so cheers to the introvert in me for agreeing to that.

On Loving Others through Giving

I am proud to share with you that I am sponsoring a child through World Vision Development Foundation. I’ve actually started my sponsorship this Friday. It’s such a good feeling knowing that I could make a difference in a child’s future.

For those of you who are interested, you can go here to learn more about World Vision and Child Sponsorship. You’d be able to touch lives especially those who need your help the most.

I wish to see more children smile. Source: World Vision Philippines

For this summer, I am also planning to volunteer at this charity event. I hope my schedule would allow it. Fingers crossed!

See? Who said that Valentine’s should only be restricted to lovers only? Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for those who’d spend time with their special ones this month. But for all of us singles, I hope we spend time being happy with ourselves or with our loved ones. I hope we devote our time on other endeavors we find meaning and love with.

To all, I wish you a fulfilling February! 🙂

More blog posts coming up!

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