This Week: Milestones

There’s this expression that is considered a cliche nowadays and it says, “My, how time flies by so fast”. It’s often being used because it’s true. Some few weeks ago, I was jumping for all that’s worth as part of our New Year’s tradition. Now, it’s February. And you all know what this means.

February is Love Month! But instead of spending my blessed singleness moping around or desperately looking for a date, I’ve decided to do something else. Oh, it’s all about love too but in a different kind of way.

This month, I’ve decided to devote myself with loving! I aim to love myself better, love my family and friends more, and start loving others through charity.

Well, guess what? This week, I’ve reached some important milestones that have helped me get closer to this month’s goals.

I could not believe it myself but I’m happy to share a recap of my week’s milestones with you.

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Site Reborn

Guess who’s back? Back again.

Pardon the Eminem reference but I am too happy to be back again after my two-year hiatus.

Can you believe it? I actually lost my drive to write and blog for the last couple of years. I always blamed it with my busy work schedules and hectic life.

Now that I think about it, my busy lifestyle was just one part of the equation. The problem had more to do with myself. I got so lost in the heady rush of making it in this fast paced world that I forgot who I really was.

I glorified the art of being busy to the point that I would look down at others who did nothing or who just plain enjoyed their lives. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my previous job, albeit it was a love-hate relationship one. It gave me a sense of purpose, like I’m actually making a difference out there. But I realized that it was also a double-edged sword. While I was too busy trying to change the world, I forgot to change myself along with it.

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Cutest Hedgehog Ever

I’m having all the feels right now for this cutest hedgehog ever!

Cutest Hedgehog Ever

I want one but my schedule forbids me to have another pet right now. Even my dogs are now in my dad’s charge and adding this to our home spells all kinds of trouble especially from mom. Haha! 🙂