Sunshine| A Reverse Acrostic

The staccato-dance of raindrops
Shivering, I whisper, “This is all for you.”
Like a humble recital from heaven.
And as you breathe kisses on foggy glass
Slow crescendo, you cover my lips – hush!
Now drenched in reverence, you and I
Spectators to a dying show – we watch, listen
Until the last footsteps leave the stage

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Sunday morning
Between sleep and wakefulness
She lingers in bed

She lingers in bed
Boxing and beef soup for lunch
Dad calls her to watch

Dad calls her to watch
Cucumber smoothies in mugs
Soul is at peace

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Playlist poetry

I am Miss Good Girl
Of the sanguine smile
Beautiful, bulletproof
I see without guile.

I am Miss
Alone, Never Lonely
Happy together with myself
Happy to be me.

So what
With your vitriol
Your negativity and lies
I shake it out like a woman
I do not despise.

I am Miss Good Girl
Of the sanguine smile.
See me fall.
See me rise.

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