Sunshine| A Reverse Acrostic

The staccato-dance of raindrops
Shivering, I whisper, “This is all for you.”
Like a humble recital from heaven.
And as you breathe kisses on foggy glass
Slow crescendo, you cover my lips – hush!
Now drenched in reverence, you and I
Spectators to a dying show – we watch, listen
Until the last footsteps leave the stage

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Playlist poetry

I am Miss Good Girl
Of the sanguine smile
Beautiful, bulletproof
I see without guile.

I am Miss
Alone, Never Lonely
Happy together with myself
Happy to be me.

So what
With your vitriol
Your negativity and lies
I shake it out like a woman
I do not despise.

I am Miss Good Girl
Of the sanguine smile.
See me fall.
See me rise.

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