Another Award!


I was nominated again for another award! Wow. This time it’s the Versatile Blogger Award. Yey! Can I do a happy dance now?

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My heart in hope
For He knows
I am here and no,
I shall not fear.

I live in hope
Fragile soul dares
In winds I dance, to
Rains I blossom

I hope even
As I die inside
Slow, steady death, the
Dreamer trapped in abysmal
Days, bottomless abyss

Still I hope
Sometimes secretly
As light feeds
Into gloom and
Faith strengthens
Love’s promise.

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No Time Travels Please

My mind is in turmoil over this week’s Writing Challenge: Time Machine. I mean, what do I write about since I don’t want to travel in time?

Let me explain myself.

I wouldn’t want to go back to a specific time in history because:

  1. It will probably involve war, natural catastrophe, death or disease.
  2. I could screw up the future by doing something as harmless as stepping on an ant.
  3. I would die (see number 1).
  4. I could inadvertently prevent myself from being born (see number 2).

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